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American Samoa Flag

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Flag of American Samoa

Flag of American Samoa

The national flag of American Samoa is a flag comprised of a red-edged white triangle directing towards the winch charged with a bald eagle holding a war club and fly-whisk, with dark blue top and bottom triangles. American Samoa Flag was approved in April 1960 and it substituted the "Stars and Stripes" became the flag of the Territory of American Samoa since that year. The colors used characterize the traditional colors of the United States and Samoa. American Samoa is the only U.S. territory located south of the Equator. Flag of American Samoa is a symbolic presentation of the association, as it landscapes the red, white and blue of the U.S. Stars and Stripes.

History of American Samoa Flag

Samoa had no flags earlier Europeans inwards in the early 18th century. Unfortunately, the history of Samoan national flags is not known properly and it has missing links due to less documentation. In 1899, Germany, Great Britain, and the United States decided to partition Samoa. The U.S. flag was formally raised over American Samoa on April 17, 1900, and endured the sole authorized flag for the next 60 years. Local government progressively developed and prolonged to involve a growing proportion of the Samoan population.

As a result, the knowledge of a local flag was first deliberated in the 1950s. Local leaders and the U.S. Army Institute of Heraldry shaped the current flag built on ideas acquiesced by the Samoan populace. It developed official on April 27, 1960, the day the first constitution of American Samoa went into consequence and the 60th anniversary of the first lifting of the U.S. flag in Samoa. The red, white, and blue on the flag are outdated colors in both Samoa and the United States. The eagle on the fly grips in its talons two outmoded Samoan emblems.

American Samoa Meaning and Design

The colors and ciphers of the flag transmit cultural, party-political, and regional meanings. The red, white and blue signify the colors usually utilized by both the United States and Samoa. The bald eagle signifies the U.S. and landscapes on the flag, although it does not live in American Samoa. It controls two Samoan symbols, referring to America's responsibility over American Samoa, as well as suggesting the Great Seal of the United States.

American Samoa Republic Country Information, Currency, Codes, Time Zone

American Samoa is an independent territory of the United States situated in the South Pacific Ocean, southeast of Samoa. The population of American Samoa is 55,641. The population density in American Samoa is 279 per Km2 (722 people per mi2).American Samoa has framework of territorial presidential constitutional republic.

The official language of American Samoan is Samoan/English and the currency is Dollar. American Samoa comprises of two letters American Samoa code i.e. AS and its three letters American Samoa code is ASM and in digits it is 016. The calling code is +1-684 and the UTC i.e. standard time followed in American Samoa is UTC -11 hours. Being a presidential constitutional republic, American Samoa comprises of three districts, which are Eastern District, Western District, and Manu'a District.

American Samoa Country Information

Country American Samoa Republic
Continent North America
Official Languages English, Samoan
Capital Pago Pago
Currency United States dollar (US$) (USD)

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American Samoa Time Zones

CET UTC-11:00
CEST UTC-11:00

American Samoa Codes

Internet TLD AS
Three-letter country code ASM
Three-digit country code 016
Calling code +1-684