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Bangladesh Flag

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Flag of Bangladesh

Flag of Bangladesh

17 January 1972, the national flag of Bangladesh was approved officially. The red disc in the flag depicts the sun rising over Bengal and the color red signifies the blood of those who died for the Bangladesh independence. The Bangladeshi Flag has green color that surrounds the Red Sun stands for the lushness of the land of Bangladesh. The flag of Bangladesh resembles the flag used during the Bangladesh Liberation War of 1971. The flag contained a yellow map of the country inside the red disc. However, in 1972, the map was removed and the final flag design was adopted, which still exist.

History of Bangladesh Flag

Bangladeshi Flag History: 6 June, 1970 the first form of the flag was designed. A map of East Pakistan (now Bangladesh) was principal traced on a tracing paper from an atlas. On 2 March 1971, this original version of the flag was lifted in Bangladesh for the first time at Dhaka University. The red disc on the flag may possibly also represent the historic sunset that had taken place rendering to legend at the Battle of Karbala. Officially, the flag of Bangladesh was used from 1971-72. The green castoff in the flag signifies the lushness of the green landscape of the country. On 13 January 1972, the flag was modified by removing the red disk moved towards the hoist. The red in the center is a representation of the blood of Bengalis shed in the Bangladesh Liberation War.

Bangladesh Flag Meaning and Design

Bangladesh's flag has bottle green and rectangular in size, the red circle has a radius of one-fifth of the length of the flag. Its center intersects the point perpendicular drawn in the length of the flag, and the horizontal line drawn through the middle of its width. The flag symbolizes the lush green landscape of the nation and considering Sun as one of the power. Also, the country pays tribute to the men lost their lives in war.

Bangladesh Country Information, Currency, Codes, Time Zone

Situated in both the eastern and northern hemispheres, Bangladesh is located on the Indian subcontinent in south-central Asia. Bangladesh is bordered by the Bay of Bengal and the countries of India and Burma (Myanmar) with approximately 16.47 crore inhabitants. With the population density the country has a population density of 1,115.62 people per square kilometer,(2,889.45/square mile), which ranks 10th in the world. The Government of Bangladesh has three branches namely Executive, the Legislative branch and Judicial branch.

The Legislature of Bangladesh is known as Sangsad. The Speaker conducts its business in an orderly fashion and Sangsad contains 350 seats position in the parliament. The official language of Bangladesh is Bengali and the currency is Taka. Bangladesh comprises of two letters Bangladesh code i.e. BD and its three letters Bangladesh code is BDG and in digits it is 050. The calling code is +880 and the UTC i.e. standard time followed in Bangladesh is +6 hours. Being a democratic country, Bangladesh comprises a total of 8 administrative divisions. There are no states or provinces known in Bangladesh.

Bangladesh Country Information

Country Bangladesh
Continent Asia
Official languages Bengali
Capital Dhaka
Currency Bangladeshi Taka

Bangladesh Time Zones

CET UTC +6:00
CEST UTC +2:00

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Bangladesh Codes

Internet TLD BD
Three-letter country code BGD
Three-digit country code 050
Calling code +880

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