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El Salvador Flag

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Flag of El Salvador

Flag of El Salvador

The flag features the national coat of arms with the bold golden amber words "REPUBLICA DE EL SALVADOR EN LA AMERICA CENTRAL". There are two different El Salvador Flags adopted by the nation adopted; first, with the words "DIOS UNION LIBERTAD" in bold golden amber in place of the coat of arms, second; one without the coat of arms. All three comprises of cobalt blue and white band. The main flag has a feature ratio of 189:335 while the alternatives are both 3:5.

From 1865 to 1912, a dissimilar flag was in use, with a field of modified cobalt blue and white bands and a red canton comprising white stars. The designs of both sides of the flag were diverse; at the opposite side, it shows the then national coat of arms at the placed of stars at obverse.

History of El Salvador Flag

During the Napoleonic Wars in Europe, Spanish gatherings of the New World instigated to administer their individual affairs. Growing independence finally resulted in the change toward independence, and the United Provinces of the Río de la Plata, today recognized as Argentina, announced its sovereignty under a flat tricolor of blue-white-blue. The liberation flag was approved by the privateer Luís Aury to the Caribbean in 1818. The freedom of Central America was first announced on September 15, 1821, and was restated, after two years of Mexican rule, in 1823.

Until 1865, El Salvador sustained to use its flag even after the United Provinces of Central America destitute into five separate countries. On September 15, 1912, the blue-white-blue flag was reintroduced. With minor modifications, it stands today as a reminder of Central American unity.

El Salvador Flag Design and Symbolic Meaning

Flag of El Salvador features royal cobalt blue that depicts the great sky and two massive oceans of Central America. The white color signifies peace, and solidarity with the world. The Golden Amber characterizes the entire bold phraseology in the flag, and the coat of arms of El Salvador having bold equilateral triangle represents spears, beaming solar rays, scroll, and the bold motto.

About El Salvador

Lying in the Central America, it shares with western Central America, Pacific Ocean in south, Guatemala in west and Honduras in north and it shares maritime borders with Nicaragua. The country has 63.8 lacs of population and population density of 342 people per square kilometer (885/square mile).

El Salvador is a presidential representative democratic republic. The official language of El Salvador is Spanish and the currency is USD. El Salvador comprises of two letters El Salvador code i.e. SV and its three letters El Salvador code is SLV and in digits it is 222 . The calling code is +53 and the UTC i.e. standard time followed in El Salvador is UTC 6 hours. The nation has 14 administrative divisions, and sub-divided to 262 municipalities.

El Salvador Country Information

Country El Salvador
Continent North America
Official Languages Spanish
Capital San Salvador
Currency United States dollar $ (USD)

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El Salvador Time Zones

CET UTC-06:00
CEST UTC-06:00

El Salvador Codes

Internet TLD SV
Three-letter country code SLV
Three-digit country code 222
Calling code +53