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Georgia Flag

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flag of Georgia

Flag of Georgia

The flag of Georgia recognized as the Five Cross Flag. Georgia Flag is one of the national symbols of Georgia. Initially a banner of the primitive Kingdom of Georgia, it was transported back to general use in the late 21st centuries of the Georgian national revival. Prior to procurement its official rank in 2004, the flag was promoted by the United National Movement and helped as one of the most recognizable symbols of the Rose Revolution.

The background of Georgia’s flag is completed of three bands. The Flag of Georgia has two red with one white band in the center. In the region is the state’s coat of arms featuring a blue background with thirteen white five-pointed stars and gold coat of arms.

History of Georgia Flag

Prior to 1879, the state had not their official flag. However, there was an unofficial flag that landscaped the state’s coat of arms on a blue field. In 1879 a flag was adopted by Senator Herman H. Perry in commemoration of the Confederate soldiers. This flag landscapes a vertical blue band on the hoist side, with three flat red and white bands similar to the design of today. In 1902, a new design was adopted, adding in the coat of arms. The flag design was altered slightly through the 1950s. Then, in 1956, the flag was reshaped to comprise of the Confederate battle flag.

Sonny Perdue was chosen as governor of the state. The new flag combined elements of past flags and was inspired by the Confederate First National flag. The flag was formally approved on May 8, 2003 and has remained unaffected since.

Georgia Flag Design and Symbolic Meaning

The state flag of Georgia landscapes a design that signifies the laws and values of the state. The flag contains the national colors of the United States and the coat of arms. The coat of arms comprise of an arch that depicts the state’s constitution. The pillars in the image are represents the three branches of government. The emblem also contains the state motto, “Wisdom, Justice and Moderation.”

About Georgia

Georgia is a country situated in the Caucasus region of Eurasia. It shares boundaries with the southeast by Azerbaijan, western Asia and Eastern Europe, north by Russia, west by the Black Sea to the south by Turkey and Armenia. It has 1.05 crores of population and population density reported at 64.96 sq. Km in 2016.

The nation has a republican form of government with three branches: the legislature, executive, and judiciary. The official language of Georgia is Georgian and the currency is Georgian Lari. Georgia comprises of two letters Georgia code i.e. GE and its three letters Georgia code is GEO and in digits it is 268. The calling code is +995 and the UTC i.e. standard time followed in Georgia is UTC +04 hours. The nation is divided into regions not provinces.

Georgia Country Information Updated 2024

Country Georgia
Continent Asia
Official languages Georgian
Capital Tiflis
Currency Georgian lari ლ (GEL)

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Georgia Time Zones

CET UTC+04:00
CEST UTC+04:00

Georgia Codes

Internet TLD GE
Three-letter country code GEO
Three-digit country code 268
Calling code +995