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Iceland Flag

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Flag of Iceland

Flag of Iceland

The flag of Iceland was formally accepted on June 19, 1915. The cross design is demonstrated after the Danish flag. Iceland Flag has the color red is said to representing the island's live volcanoes; white the ice and snow that shelters most of the country, and blue is figurative of the nearby Atlantic Ocean.

Iceland's first countrywide flag was a white cross on blue contextual. It was first publicized in parade in 1897. The current flag dates from 1915, when a red cross was implanted into the white cross of the unique flag. This cross signifies Christianity. Flag of Iceland was accepted and developed the national flag when Iceland increased independence from Denmark in 1918.

History of Iceland Flag

For the Icelandic persons the flag's coloring signifies a dream of their country's landscape. The colors stand for 3 of the rudiments that make up the island. Red is the fire shaped by the island's volcanoes, white memories the ice and snowflake that covers Iceland, and blue is for the crags of the island. As per a legend, a red cloth with a white cross fell from the heavens, safeguarding Danish victory at the Battle of Valdemar in the 13th century.

The civil flag of Iceland was unofficial used since 1913. It was formally approved on 19 June 1915, to characterize Iceland. When Iceland developed a separate Kingdom in union with Denmark then the other symbolic denotations refer to the normal features of Iceland itself. Blue is the color of the mountains when observed at from the coast, white characterizes the snow and ice top the island for most of the year, and red the volcanoes on the island.

Iceland Flag Design and Symbolic Meaning

Blue and white had first been selected for various reasons. The initial local flag had only colors. In 1903 a coat of arms was settled to the island, presenting a white or silver falcon on a blue protection. Blue and white were traditional colors are the reflection of Scandinavian solidarity as well as national self-identity reflected in the flag.

About Iceland

Lying in Europe, Iceland is known for active volcanoes. The Iceland is surrounded by north by the Arctic Ocean, and on the west by the Atlantic Ocean. The population living on the island is 0.4 million people. The population density of the nation is 3.346 sq. Km.

Iceland is a framework of a parliamentary representative democratic republic. The official language of Iceland is Icelandic and the currency is Krona. Iceland comprises of two letters Iceland code i.e. IS and its three letters Iceland code is ISL and in digits it is 352 . The calling code is +354 and the UTC i.e. standard time followed in Iceland is UTC +00 hours.

Being a democratic republic, Iceland comprises a total of eight regions

Iceland Country Information

Country Iceland
Continent Europe
Official languages Icelandic
Capital Reykjavík
Currency Icelandic króna kr (ISK)

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Iceland Time Zones

CET UTC+00:00
CEST UTC+00:00

Iceland Codes

Internet TLD IS
Three-letter country code ISL
Three-digit country code 352
Calling code +354