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Jamaica Flag

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Flag of Jamaica

Flag of Jamaica

On 6 August 1962, Jamaica Flag was adopted, which is also the Jamaican Independence Day. The nation gained its freedom from the British-protected Federation of the West Indies. The flag comprise of a gold saltire that separate the flag into four sections. The first two are of green color at the top and bottom and another two are black of color at hoist and fly). Interestingly, this flag national flag does not feature any of the colors such as red, white, or blue.

Standard protocol smears in Jamaica to use of the national flag; mainly ensuring it is continuously the primary flag flown and in good state. Flag of Jamaica has a set of rules that owners of a flag should follow instituted by the government.

History of Jamaica Flag

It was initially designed with flat stripes, however this was measured too parallel to the Tanganyikan flag, and so the saltire was relieved. The color black signifies the strength and originality of the people which has suitable them to overwhelmed the odds, yellow for the golden sunlight and green for the lavish vegetation of the island.

Jamaica Flag Design and Symbolic Meaning

The meaning of the complete flag considering design and colors is due to Sun’s shine, the land is green and people are strong and creative. Black portrays the strength and originality of the people; Gold, the usual beauty of the sunlight and the wealth of the republic; and Green means hope and agricultural resources.

The present design arose from those directed in by the public in a national rivalry. It was first designed with horizontal bands, however this was related too alike to the flag of Tanganyika, and so the saltire was relieved.

National Flag dated 22 May 1962. Gold memories the shining sun, black imitates hardships, and green characterizes the land. Again, the colors were changed in 1996 to black portraying the strength and creativity of the people allowing them to dazed the odds, gold for the wealth of the country.

About Jamaica

Jamaica is the third main island in the Caribbean Sea located in west of Hispaniola, south of Cuba and south east of Miami. The nation shares maritime borders with the Colombia, Cuba, Cayman Islands (UK), and Haiti. The country is estimated to have 3 million inhabitants. It has population density of 266 sq. Km in.

Jamaica is a framework of a representative parliamentary democratic constitutional monarchy.

The official language of Jamaica is English and the currency is Dollar. Jamaica comprises of two letters Jamaica code i.e. JM and its three letters Jamaica code is JAM and in digits it is 388. The calling code is +1876 and the UTC i.e. standard time followed in Jamaica is UTC -5 hours.

Being a democratic constitutional monarchy, Jamaica comprises a total of 14 parishes instead of provinces or states.

Jamaica Country Information

Country Jamaica
Continent North America
Official Languages English
Capital Kingston
Currency Jamaican dollar $ (JMD)

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Jamaica Time Zones

CET UTC-05:00
CEST UTC-05:00

Jamaica Codes

Internet TLD JM
Three-letter country code JAM
Three-digit country code 388
Calling code +1876