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Mexico Flag

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Flag of Mexico

Flag of Mexico

The flag of Mexico is a perpendicular tricolor of green, white, and red with the nationwide coat of arms charged in the center of the white band. Mexico Flag form of the coat of arms was currently revised in 1968; however the general design has been used meanwhile 1821, when the First National Flag was formed. Red, white, and green are the colors of the national army in Mexico.

The flag has altered numerous times, as the outline of the coat of arms and the length-width ratios of the flag have been adapted. But, the coat of arms has had the similar landscapes throughout: an eagle, holding a traitor in its talon, is balanced on top of a prickly pear cactus; the cactus is located on a rock that rises above a lake. In flag of Mexico coat of arms is resulting from an Aztec tale that their gods told them to form a city somewhere they locate an eagle, which is now Mexico City.

History of Mexico Flag

Before the acceptance of the initial national flag, numerous historians reflect the first Mexican flag to be the typical of the Virgin of Guadalupe. Variations of this flag that seemed in this dated also comprised a naval flag that had the tricolor design, but only controlled the eagle with the crown overhead its head. The military also used a comparable square flag, but the eagle was superior to on the national flag. The first national flag was recognized in 1821, the first year of Mexican familiar dominion. The imperial government that was set up selected a tricolor flag of green, white and red and charged with the national coat of arms.

The second national flag was accepted after the formation of the first federal republic in 1823. The new flag was selected for the republic in April of that year, the only changes being the entrance of the central emblem. The crown was aloof from the eagle's head and a serpent was positioned in the eagle's right talon. Another addition to the flag is a subdivision of oak and laurel twigs, a ritual that was carried over to the present flag. This flag was discontinued in 1864.

The third national flag once again designed and used with the green, white and red tricolor outline with the white band being charged with the national arms. But, the ratio of the flag was different from 4:7 to 1:2 and four eagles, which had crowns overhead their heads on the flag.

Mexico Flag Design and Symbolic Meaning

Mexican flag is filled of nationwide symbolism. The green band characterizes the Independence Movement. The white band represents the cleanliness of the Catholic faith. The red band signifies the Spaniards that combined in the quest for freedom and the blood of the state heroes.

About Mexico

Mexico is a republic in southern North America. The nation is bordered by Guatemala, and Belize. Also, it shares maritime borders with Honduras and Cuba. The population of the nation is 126 million and the population density is 1,972,550 square kilometers.

Mexico has a framework of a federal presidential representative democratic republic. The official language of Mexico is Spanish and the currency is Peso. Mexico comprises of two letters Mexico code i.e. MX and its three letters Mexico code is MEX and in digits it is 484. The calling code is +52 and the UTC i.e. standard time followed in Mexico is UTC -5 hours.

Being a federal republic, Mexico comprises a total of thirty one states and one federal entity.

Mexico Country Information

Country Mexico
Continent North America
Official Languages Spanish
Capital Mexico City
Currency Mexican peso $ (MXN)

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Mexico Time Zones

CET UTC−08:00 to UTC−05:00
CEST UTC−07:00 to UTC−05:00

Mexico Codes

Internet TLD MX
Three-letter country code MEX
Three-digit country code 484
Calling code +55