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Monaco Flag

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Flag of Monaco

Flag of Monaco

The flag of Monaco is excellent in its design, and Monaco Flag is different any other national flag in Europe. But, Monaco's flag is comparable to Indonesia's, but fluctuates in terms of its sizes. The two nations have had incongruity in the past concerning the similarity of the two national flags. Monaco refused to know the flag of Indonesia after the country accepted it in 1945, with Monaco demanding that Indonesia altered the colors on its flag.

Indonesia refused Monaco's appeal, arguing that its (Indonesia’s) preference of colors was built on the country’s history, which it demanded predated that of the Principality of Monaco. Indonesia approved the flag despite fight on Flag of Monaco, and its original design attitudes to date. The flag of the German state of Hesse also tolerates resemblance to the flag of the Principality of Monaco. Other flags that are comparable in design to Monaco's contain the flags of Poland, Germany’s state of Thuringia, and Singapore.

History of Monaco Flag

Until the 19th century Europe had many self-governing city-states with ruling families and local symbols, but most were engrossed by the great amalgamation movements that shaped modern Germany, Italy, and other nations. Monaco accomplished to reservation its freedom, and it accepted a law on April 4, 1881, starting its national flags, which are in use today.

The multifaceted princely coat of arms, whose chief design rudiments date back hundreds of years, is signified in full on a white flag for show on government structures. The shield in the generous arms, from which the livery colors are derived, contains of irregular red and white lozenges, or diamonds. As is the case with numerous heraldic plans, the original sense of the lozenges is not clear. The national flag for usage by private citizens, also hovered at the United Nations to signify Monaco, presents the livery colors derived from the coat of arms. It is a humble horizontal bicolor of red over white, a outdated use of heraldic colors. Their use can be dated back at smallest to 1339, though early Monegasque flags displayed many graphic differences. The resemblance of the flag of Monaco to that of Indonesia is purely coincidental.

Monaco Flag Design and Symbolic Meaning

The account of the flag of Monaco is openly outlined in Title I of the Constitution of the Principality of Monaco. The flag has a flat rectangular design with a width-to-length proportion of 4:5. Another officially accepted width-to-length ratio is 2:3. The flag is made up of two flat bands of equal size. The top band is red, while the bottom band is white. Like many national flags, the insignia on Monaco's flag are symbolic. Red and white are the old-style colors of the House of Grimaldi, which recognized the Principality in 1339. These colors are demanded to signify positive human values, as red is supposed to characterize the flesh of the human body, while white characterizes purity in spiritual life.

About Monaco

Lying in the Western Europe, Monaco has population of 38700 and has 5.75 kms border with its neighbor. The nation has constitutional monarchy. The official language of Monaco is French and the currency is Euro. Monaco comprises of two letters Monaco code i.e. MC and its three letters Monaco code is MCO and in digits it is 492. The calling code is +377 and the UTC i.e. standard time followed in Monaco is UTC +2 hours. Being a constitutional monarchy, Monaco has no regions and states.

Monaco Country Information

Country Monaco
Continent Europe
Official languages French
Capital Monaco
Currency Euro € (EUR)

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Monaco Time Zones

CET UTC+01:00
CEST UTC+02:00

Monaco Codes

Internet TLD MC
Three-letter country code MCO
Three-digit country code 492
Calling code +377