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Oman Flag

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flag of Oman

Flag of Oman

The national flag of Oman features three color bands, which are white, green and red. The red bar on its left has the national emblem of Oman (Dagger and two swords). Until 1975, Oman flag applied the plain red banner of the native people. In 1970, stripes of green and white were added to the fly, and the national emblem, the symbol was placed in the canton. White has been related historically with the Imam, the spiritual leader of Oman, and represents peace.

Green is related with green mountains, which lie toward the north of the country. Red is a shared color in Gulf state flags. A curved dagger is affixed over a pair of traversed swords. The standard of the Sultan of Oman displays a red fly, with a green border whose thickness is about one-sixth of the height of the flag, enclosed by a red border of around the same width. Flag of Oman bears the country's emblem as a charge in the middle, tinted gold.

History of Oman Flag

In the historical, the flag of Oman was an unadorned red banner. It was applied by the original people of the region. This banner was in use as early as dated AD 750. However, between 1868 and 1871, the representation of the religious leader or imam of Oman, a basic white flag, served as the national flag of Oman. In 1970, the presiding Sultan of Oman was overthrown and a new Sultan, Qābūs ibn Saʿīd, came to control. The new monarch wanted to update the nation. On December 17, 1970, the Sultan presented a new national flag. On April 25, 1995, the national flag of Oman was formally approved.

Oman Flag Design and Symbolic Meaning

The flag has three color bands, which are white, green, and red. A perpendicular red bar on the left of the flag landscapes the country’s emblem. White color band is designed at the topmost horizontal band on the flag signifying peace and wealth. The red color is in the middle stripe and the vertical stripe of the flag representing the battles fought by the people to protect Oman from foreign invaders. The green color signifies the productiveness of the land. The national emblem of the country portrays crossed swords over a dagger or khanjar.

About Oman

The Sultanate of Oman is situated in the on the southeastern end of the Arabian Peninsula in the Middle East at Asia. The nation is bordered with Yemen in the southwest, the United Arab Emirates in the northwest, and Saudi Arabia in the west. The population of the Sultanate of Oman is estimated to be 4.7 million. The population density of the country is 14.3 sq. Km.

Oman has unitary parliamentary absolute monarchy government. The official language of Oman is Arabic and the currency is Rial. Oman comprises of two letters Oman code i.e. OM and its three letters Oman code is OMN and in digits it is 512. The calling code is +968 and the UTC i.e. standard time followed in Oman is UTC +4 hours.

Having a monarch government, Oman compromises of Eleven Governorates and sub-divided into 61 provinces.

Oman Country Information Updated 2023

Country Oman
Continent Asia
Official languages Arabic
Capital Maskat
Currency Omani rial ر.ع. (OMR)

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Oman Time Zones

CET UTC+04:00
CEST UTC+04:00

Oman Codes

Internet TLD OM
Three-letter country code OMN
Three-digit country code 512
Calling code +968