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Saint Lucia Flag

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Flag of Saint Lucia

The flag of St. Lucia was formally accepted on March 1, 1967. Saint Lucia Flag has blue field signifies the Caribbean Sea, and the triangles epitomize the island's famous Pitons - the twin volcanic mountains. The St. Lucia Coat of Arms is an union of diverse symbols. The Tudor Rose characterizes the English inspiration on the island. The Fleur de lis signifies the French effect on the island.

The small brown seat in the center of the protection is a symbol of the African inheritance of the people brought to the isle. Flag of Saint Lucia has the torch is a inspiration to light the pathway to the future. On the ribbon below the armor is the countrywide motto, "The Land, The People, and The Light". The shield is apprehended up by two St. Lucia parrots.

History of Saint Lucia Flag

The French occupied Saint Lucia in 1635 and consequently contracted a treaty with the local original inhabitants 45 years later in 1680. However, the British vied for controller with the French, and the island normally switched indicators between the two powers. This continued until 1814, when the Treaty of Paris was employed that saw France enduringly relinquish Saint Lucia to the British, and it developed a crown colony of the United Kingdom within its colonial territory in that same year. During this colonial retro of French and British rule, Saint Lucia did not have its own sole colonial flag.

The British lastly granted Saint Lucia its own single coat of arms in August 1939. The escutcheon contained of a black shield containing two sticks of bamboo founding a cross, with two Tudor roses symbolizing England and two fleurs-de-lis symbolizing France inhabiting the four quadrants. This emblem was utilized to deface the British Blue Ensign so as to form the territory's flag.

Saint Lucia Flag Design and Symbolic Meaning

The colors and ciphers of the flag transmit cultural, political, and regional meanings. The blue epitomizes the sky and the sea, exactly the Atlantic Ocean and Caribbean Sea which enclose the nation. The black and white color in the flag meant to the harmonious relationship between the black and white competitions. The yellow symbolizes the sunshine, and prosperity. The triangles signify the Pitons, which are twin volcanic cones situated in the southwest part of the island and unity.

About Saint Lucia

St. Lucia is a characteristic Windward Island development of volcanic rock that came into existence long after much of the region had previously been formed. The population of the island is 0.2 million and population density is 98 people per square kilometer.

The nation has framework of an independent parliamentary democratic constitutional monarchy. The official language of Saint Lucia is English and the currency is Dollar. Saint Lucia comprises of two letters Saint Lucia code i.e. LC and its three letters Saint Lucia code is LCA and in digits it is 662. The calling code is +1-758 and the UTC i.e. standard time followed in Saint Lucia is UTC -4 hours.

Being a democratic monarchy, St. Lucia is divided into eleven districts established by the French colonial and Britain government.

Saint Lucia Country Information

Country Saint Lucia
Continent North America
Official Languages English
Capital Castries
Currency East Caribbean dollar $ (XCD)

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Saint Lucia Time Zones

CET UTC-04:00
CEST UTC-04:00

Saint Lucia Codes

Internet TLD VC
Three-letter country code VCT
Three-digit country code 670
Calling code +1784