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Syria Flag

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flag of Syria

Flag of Syria

The national flag of Syria comprises of four colors. These colors are red, white, black and green. The colors red, black and white are used to make up the horizontal triband contextual of the flag. Syria Flag also has green used in two five-pointed stars situated in the central white stripe. The red is representative of the Hasemite dynasty and the fight for independence. The white is illustrative of the Umayyad dynasty and a bright future.

The Syrian National Coalition’s flag resemble to the Flag of Syria Arab Republic. It landscapes a triband design however the colors are green, white and black. Instead of two green stars, this flag contains three red stars middle in the white band.

History of Syria Flag

The initially Syrian flag was presented in 1918. This flag was for the Kingdom of Syria and was used finished 1920. This flag presented a black, green, and white triband contextual with a red triangle on the hoist side with a white star in the middle. In 1920 till 1932, a new flag was announced when French inwards in Syria. This flag featured a green and white horizontal triband designed with the French tricolor in the canton.

When the nation increased its freedom and recognized the Syrian Republic, a new flag was approved. This flag converted known as the freedom flag. It was used from 1932 through 1958, then over in 1961 through 1963. Finally, this flag was readopted over by the Syrian National Coalition in hostility to Syria’s government and is one of the two flags in use nowadays.

Syria Flag Design and Symbolic Meaning

What’s perhaps the most dissimilar around Syria’s flag is that as of 2018, the state doesn’t have just one national flag however two have. One flag is applied by the Assad government. The flag is grounded on the flag of the Arab Liberation and structures four colors that signify the four families of Arab history: the Hashimites, the Fatimids, the Abbasids and the Umayyads. The Syrian National Coalition and the Syrian Interim Administration use a dissimilar national flag. This design is a adapted version of the freedom flag first used in 1932 and was readopted in hostility to the government.

About Syria

Syria is a country in Western Asia. The country is surrounded by the Mediterranean Sea to the west, Turkey to the north, Lebanon to the southwest, Jordan to the south, Iraq to the east, and Israel to the southwest. The population of Syria is 18.3 million and the population density of the nation is 118.3 inhabitants per square kilometre (306/sq mi).

The country has a framework of a semi-presidential republic with multiparty representation. The official language of Syria is Arabic and the currency is Pound. Syria comprises of two letters Syria code i.e. SY and its three letters Syria code is SYR and in digits it is 760. The calling code is +963 and the UTC i.e. standard time followed in Syria is UTC +3 hours.

Being a semi-presidential republic, Syria comprises a total of ‎14 governorate.

Syria Country Information Updated 2024

Country Syria
Continent Asia
Official languages Arabic
Capital Damascus
Currency Syrian pound £ or ل.س (SYP)

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Syria Time Zones

CET UTC+02:00
CEST UTC+03:30

Syria Codes

Internet TLD SY
Three-letter country code SYR
Three-digit country code 760
Calling code +963