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Turkmenistan Flag

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flag of Turkmenistan

Flag of Turkmenistan

The national flag of Turkmenistan landscapes a white crescent and five stars representing the five regions of the country. Turkmenistan Flag was presented on 27 September, 1992, and it replaced the flag of Soviet-era. However, the flag was modified in the year 2001 with 2:3 ratios in its bands.

Flag of Turkmenistan comprises of a green pitch with a vertical red band near the hoist side, covering five carpet guls stacked above in two crossed olive branches. The flag has white waxing crescent moon, and five white five-pointed stars appearing in the top corner of the field, which is at the side of the red band.

History of Turkmenistan Flag

Before the Russian revolutions, Turkmenistan used to hoist the flag of the Russian Empire. Before the downfall of the Soviet Union in 1991, Turkmenistan had a flag comparable to all other Soviet Republics; after freedom in 1991, Turkmenistan espoused a flag very similar to the present design, on February 19, 1992. But, the designs on the left were diverse. In 1997, an olive division was added to symbolize the peace-loving nature of the Turkmen individuals.

Turkmenistan Flag Design and Symbolic Meaning

The red and the green colors landscaped on the flag have factually been highly respected by the people of Turkmenistan. The five carpet gulls signify the country’s five major tribes: Teke, Chowdur, Arsary, Saryk and Yomut. The addition of the wreath, which is in contradiction of the country's heraldry rules, denotes Turkmenistan's “status of permanent neutrality.

About Turkmenistan

Turkmenistan is situated in Central Asia. It is a landlocked sharing border with Uzbekistan to the north-east, the Caspian Sea to the west, Kazakhstan to the north-west, and Iran and Afghanistan to the south. The population of Turkmenistan is 5.8 million. The population density is 10.5 people per square kilometer (27 people per square mi).

The country has framework of unitary presidential republic government. The official language of Turkmenistan is Turkmen and the currency is Manat. Turkmenistan comprises of two letters Turkmenistan code i.e. Tm and its three letters Turkmenistan code is TKM and in digits it is 795. The calling code is +993 and the UTC i.e. standard time followed in Turkmenistan is UTC +5 hours.

Being a presidential republic, Turkmenistan comprises of total of 5 provinces.

Turkmenistan Country Information Updated 2023

Country Turkmenistan
Continent Asia
Official languages Turkmen
Capital Aşgabat
Currency Turkmenistan manat m (TMT)

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Turkmenistan Time Zones

CET UTC+05:00
CEST UTC+05:00

Turkmenistan Codes

Internet TLD TM
Three-letter country code TKM
Three-digit country code 795
Calling code +993