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Uzbekistan Flag

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flag of Uzbekistan

Flag of Uzbekistan

The flag of Uzbekistan comprises of three flat blue, white and green stripes detached by two thin red fimbriations with a crescent moon and twelve stars at the canton. Uzbekistan Flag was adopted in 1991 when the nation gained independence and replaced the flag of the Uzbek Soviet Socialist Republic (SSR).

The flag of Uzbekistan landscapes various colors. There is a flat triband of blue, white and green. The blue band signifies both the sky and water. The white is illustrative of purity and peace. The green color represented nature and fertility, and it is also a color of Islam. The Flag of Uzbekistan also landscapes thin white bands that surround the white stripe. Finally, the canton landscapes a white semicircular moon and twelve white stars.

History of Uzbekistan Flag

During the 1950s, the country that is now Uzbekistan was recognized as the Union Republic and was underneath Soviet Rule. Throughout this time, a flag was considered based on the flag of the Soviet Union. The flag included a red field with a blue band through the internal with white edges and the Soviet symbol in the canton. After the nation professed its independence in 1991, the country went in exploration of a new flag design. Over 200 entrances were received, and the new design was applied later that year. The contemporary flag of today was first approved in November 18, 1991 and has hovered in the country ever since.

Uzbekistan Flag Design and Symbolic Meaning

There is cultural, local and political representation found in the plan of the Uzbekistan flag. The colors are destined to characterize peace, purity, water and blue sky. Nature and fertility are also characterized by the flag, while the semicircular moon denotes the “rebirth” of the nation as an autonomous country. It is also a sign of Islam. The thin bands on the flag are destined to characterize the “life force” found within all people. The 12 stars found on the flag are characteristic of the months of the Islamic calendar and the zodiac gatherings.

About Uzbekistan

Uzbekistan formally the Republic of Uzbekistan is a non-coastal country in Central Asia. Uzbekistan is landlocked with the countries like Turkmenistan to the southwest, Kyrgyzstan to the northeast; Kazakhstan to the north; Tajikistan to the southeast; and Afghanistan to the south. The population of the nation is 32.4 million and the population density is 72.02 people per square kilometer.

The autonomous state is a secular, unitary constitutional republic having Uzbek as an official language and Som as the currency. Uzbekistan comprises of two letters Uzbekistan code i.e. UZ and its three letters Uzbekistan code is UZB and in digits it is 860. The calling code is +998 and the UTC i.e. standard time followed in Uzbekistan is UTC +5 hours.

Being a republic, the nation is comprises of 12 provinces, one autonomous republic, and a capital city.

Uzbekistan Country Information Updated 2024

Country Uzbekistan
Continent Asia
Official languages Uzbek
Capital Taschkent
Currency Uzbekistani som (UZS)

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Uzbekistan Time Zones

CET UTC+05:00
CEST UTC+05:00

Uzbekistan Codes

Internet TLD UZ
Three-letter country code UZB
Three-digit country code 860
Calling code +998