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Taiwan Flag

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flag of Taiwan

Flag of Taiwan

The Taiwan flag was formally approved in October 1928. The white sun on the blue ground was the Kuomingtang party flag, and the rays signify two hours of each day. Taiwan Flag has red field characterizes the Han Chinese race. Known as the 'Blue Sky with a White Sun' the symbol of Taiwan was adopted.

The flag used by Taiwan landscapes three colors. Flag of Taiwan has the red bright field that makes up the majority of the flag. The flag also has a blue region which comprising the white sun with twelve points.

History of Taiwan Flag

This flag was first adopted in 1928, though it was not used in Taiwan at that time. In its place, it was used by continental China. Before this, the flag was used as a Navy flag during in 1912. Once it was accepted by mainland China, it developed the national flag of the Republic of China. Since Taiwan was under the rule of Japan, the flag was not rummage-sale here. Once the Republic of China took control, though, the flag went into usage in 1945.

Taiwan Flag Design and Symbolic Meaning

The flag used in Taiwan is the Flag of the Republic of China. This flag features a sun with twelve rays, which symbolize the twelve months. The color red is used on the flag to stand for the blood shed by those who fought to overthrow the Qing Dynasty. This color is also used to represent the livelihood and fraternity of the people. The white color of the flag stands for equality and democracy. The blue symbolizes liberty and nationalism.

About Taiwan

Taiwan shares its borders with the Philippine Sea to the east, east China Sea lies to the north, the South China Sea to the southwest, and the Bashi Channel of the Luzon Strait directly to the south. The population of Taiwan is 23.5 million, and the population density is 650/km2 (1,683.5/sq mi) (17th).

Taiwan has government unitary semi-presidential constitutional republic. The official language of Taiwan is Mandarin Chinese and the currency is Dollar. Taiwan comprises of two letters Taiwan code i.e. TW and its three letters Taiwan code is TWN and in digits it is 158 . The calling code is +886 and the UTC i.e. standard time followed in Taiwan is UTC +8 hours.

Being a federal republic, Taiwan comprises of a total of 35 provinces.

Taiwan Country Information Updated 2024

Country Taiwan
Continent Asia
Official languages Mandarin
Capital Taipei
Currency New Taiwan dollar $ (TWD)

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Taiwan Time Zones

CET UTC+08:00
CEST UTC+08:00

Taiwan Codes

Internet TLD TW
Three-letter country code TWN
Three-digit country code 158
Calling code +886